Our revolutionary fitness equipment includes:

  • An integrated Smartcard system throughout our cardio and resistance equipment, which can take your workout to the next level.
  • The Pulse 2011 generation Fusion cardiovascular range featuring a self-powered personalised display with integrated Freeview TV. They are iPod/iPhone compatible and have more than 100 workout modes and profiles to ensure workout variety.
  • Stylish Pulse strength equipment designed with inclusivity, simplicity and comfort at the forefront, allowing members of all ages and abilities to use safely and efficiently.
  • Functional, durable Pulse free weight equipment to complement and enhance an assortment of training programs.

What can the Smartcard system offer you?

The Smartcard is your key to unlocking the full potential of your workout when using the range of Pulse Fitness equipment within the facility. The Smartcard empowers you with the ability to access, update and amend your workouts; contact your dedicated fitness instructor and if you wish, receive weekly progress reports to your personal email address.

Tailored Exercise Plans

Create your very own workout! You have the option and the flexibility to produce different personalised workout plans set up for you by your fitness instructor. There is also the possibility to ‘free train’ if sometimes you just want to exercise at your own pace on whatever equipment you fancy. Have a preference for a different workout plan every session? With the Smartcard you can store multiple workout plans and select your preferred session each time you use the facility.

‘Just plug in and go!’ The Smartcard automatically sets up the cardiovascular equipment available, meaning you can focus on the important factors. In addition to also giving you an in-depth description of how to set up the resistance machine you have chosen; providing you with details such as: seat number, range of movement (ROM), reps, sets and of course the amount of weight.

Track, Record & Review Results

Should you want to keep a constant check on your progress, or see your improvements for example your times during a 5k-run or your personal best lift on the shoulder press; the Smartcard has the ability to track, record and give you the option to review your results!

Want more information?

Book in for a program at reception or speak to one of our fitness instructors.