Feel like you’ve left it too late
yet again? Well maybe, but
there is still all of August to
get into a good exercise habit
to absolve all the BBQs and
drinking that this summer is bringing.
Starting now will also set you up
nicely for Christmas, yes I’ve said it…
the C word. Those parties are only
four months away and I always get
inundated in late November with
clients asking for that two to four
week miracle programme that’ll have
them trim and toned for their works
party, by which point it’s too late.
Burning body fat is not easy, especially
as we get older. The programme below
is an incredibly efficient way of burning
body fat, but it’ll still take time, so get
started now.

You may or may not have heard
of HIIT, but in last few years it has
become an incredibly popular way
of training. Proven to have a positive
effect on your metabolism, HIIT is a
great way of having a hard calorific
burning workout in a relatively short
period of time.
High Intensity Interval Training is all
about an all-out effort for a short
period of time, followed by a rest

The length of these time periods can
vary, catering for the individual.
Below are some example timings,
however, you can manufacture your
own time periods to suit your level of
fitness, but just remember your work
effort must be 100 per cent of your
ability. Anything less defeats the object
of HIIT.

Beginner – 1:3 ratio
For most people, 20 seconds is the
perfect time for maximum all-out effort
With this ratio you would complete 20
seconds of exercise followed by a 60
second rest.
Intermediate – 1:1 ratio
Sticking with 20 seconds, this timing
will have you do 20 seconds of all-out
exercise followed by 20 seconds of
That rest period will fly by so focus on
breathing, get yourself hydrated preworkout
so that you’re not wasting
valuable recovery time slurping back
your water.
Advanced – 2:1 ratio
This ratio is commonly known in the
fitness world as Tabata training. It is 20
seconds of all-out exercise followed by
just 10 seconds of recovery. You ideally
want eight sets.How many sets you do
and what exercise(s) you choose are
entirely up to you and what you feel
comfortable doing and how much time
you have. I would say that try to do
full body exercises as these require the
most amount of energy, thus burning
maximum calories, and try to do at
least five sets on whichever ratio.

Power Lunges
Keep your upper body straight, with
your shoulders back and relaxed and
chin up. Always engage your core.
Step forward with one leg, lowering
your hips until both knees are bent at
about a 90-degree angle, then explode
up, switching your foot stance in the
air and repeat as quickly as possible.
As well as power, this will also develop
balance and coordination.

Mountain climbers
Assume a push-up position with your
arms straight and your body in a
straight line from your head to your
Bring your right knee to your chest
and place your foot back on the
ground behind you. Quickly switch to
the other leg and repeat as quickly as

Spin bike
Sat on your bum, set the resistance
as high as you can possibly manage
and then pedal hell for leather. The
momentum and velocity of this
exercise will promote exceptional
power in the legs and greater core

These are just a few exercises that I
do once a week for HIIT. Personally,
I’ll pick one exercise and do a block of
eight sets on it before moving onto the
next exercise, but you can mix it up if
you wish.