Using ANPR and technology
to deliver better parking management

**NEW** Car Parking at Hanley…

We’re taking this opportunity to update you on the car park at M Club Hanley. We are committed to providing free parking for our members at both clubs and therefore we are introducing an ANPR system to prevent unauthorised use of the car park and maximise the amount of spaces available for our members during opening hours.

You may have already noticed the new signage around the car park at M Club Hanley. From 26th July 2021 the ANPR camera system will be going live!


M Club members will need to apply for a parking permit via our online portal at


You will need to create an account through the portal and then verify your email address before applying for a permit. You will require one permit per vehicle and each member will have the ability to apply for up to two permits. There will be no physical permit that you need to display in your vehicle, as it is an ANPR camera system.

A permit allows you to park for a maximum of 3 hours at a time. You can leave and return later that day, as long as each stay does not exceed 3 hours duration. If you need to stay for longer than 3 hours in a single stay, you must enter your registration number in our ‘time extender’ tablet on Reception – this will give you an additional 2 hours of parking time from when your registration is entered.

You will be notified via email when your permit application has been approved. Until you receive this email approval, your vehicle will not be cleared and you must do the following each time you visit M Club Hanley:

  • Visit Reception and enter your registration number in our ‘visitor’ tablet to clear your vehicle for 3 hours.*

*This will only clear you to park for that one session; you will need to repeat the process every time you visit until your permit application is approved.

We will aim to approve permit applications as quickly as possible, however, please be patient with staff at this time, as we will no doubt be receiving hundreds of applications in a short space of time. The car park will be monitored and policed by a third-party, but M Club staff can also issue fines for general parking infringements such as parking across two spaces, unauthorised use of disabled bays and parking in unmarked areas. Please be considerate when parking so we can accommodate as many members as possible.

If you’re visiting the Hanley gym (members) and the car park is full, we will allow you to park on the Waterworld car park for free, but you must give your registration number in at the M Club reception desk on arrival to avoid being fined.

Car Parking at Newcastle…

The parking system in place at M Club Newcastle will not change. But bear in mind that M Club staff also have the ability to issue fines for the above parking infringements there too.


M Club Newcastle Car Park 

NHS Permit Holders

As ANPR relies on the number plate of the vehicle parking, it is essential you update the hospital if you change vehicles.

If you park using a vehicle that has not been added to the list of vehicles allowed to park you will receive a Parking Charge Notice.

If you are onsite and have not had it confirmed the registration number is on the approved list of permit holders, you will receive a £100 Parking Charge Notice

M Club Members

As always, you will have 3 hours free parking while on site to enjoy our facilities. If you will be onsite for more than 3 hours please register your vehicle registration with reception and you will be added to the exemption list for that day.

This will allow you to be on site for over 3 hours without receiving a Parking Charge Notice.

If you are onsite for over 3 hours and do not notify us you will receive a £100 Parking Charge Notice

If you get a parking charge and wish to speak with anyone, please contact 3D Parking on 0345 257 3120

Appeals can be made online ONLY at

As always we appreciate your custom and look forward to serving you over the coming months and years.