Using ANPR and technology
to deliver better parking management

Car Parking Changes at Newcastle

Dear Members and Permit Holders,

We wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that we are enhancing the parking system used on site, and are working with with 3D Parking to achieve this.

We will be installing an Automatic Number Plate Recognition camera which will record all of the vehicles arriving and leaving site.

If you get a parking charge and wish to speak with anyone, please contact 3D Parking on 0345 257 3120

Appeals can be made online ONLY at

If you have issues with the parking facilities please contact the club – either by phone on 01782 667900 or by email on

NHS Permit Holders

As ANPR relies on the number plate of the vehicle parking, it is essential you update the hospital if you change vehicles.

If you park using a vehicle that has not been added to the list of vehicles allowed to park you will receive a Parking Charge Notice.

If you are onsite and have not had it confirmed the registration number is on the approved list of permit holders, you will receive a £100 Parking Charge Notice

M Club Members

As always, you will have 3 hours free parking while on site to enjoy our facilities. If you will be onsite for more than 3 hours please register your vehicle registration with reception and you will be added to the exemption list for that day.

This will allow you to be on site for over 3 hours without receiving a Parking Charge Notice.

If you are onsite for over 3 hours and do not notify us you will receive a £100 Parking Charge Notice


As always we appreciate your custom and look forward to serving you over the coming months and years.